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Google Toolbar Button

Book Prices Online Google Toolbar Button

The Google Toolbar version 4 (currently in beta and for Internet Explorer 6.0+) will allow you to install custom buttons. With this custom button for Book Prices Online you can do a price search directly from the search box in the toolbar.

Just enter an ISBN is the search box and click the custom button () on your toolbar. Alternatively, you can also highlight an ISBN on any web page, then click the custom button.

Click here to install the button to the Google Toolbar.
Click here to download the Google Toolbar version 4 (free; beta).

More Buttons:
Find more buttons in the Google Toolbar gallery.

Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows XP/2000 & IE 6.0+
License: Freeware
Date: Sep 05, 2006
Requires: Google Toolbar (version 4)

NOTE: These buttons only work for Google Toolbar 4 beta, which is Internet Explorer and US only for right now.

NOTE: You can always delete our button at a later date under Settings > Options > Buttons on the Google Toolbar.

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